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    The highly customizable front safety door

    Oikos Evolution

    Evolution of Oikos is the Italian safety door that meets any customization requirement. It can be achieved upon drawing, with the fitting of armored glass, it can be multi-leaf, accompanied by a side panel and transom window. The best performance in terms of safety, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, and air, water, wind tightness are always guaranteed.

    • Evolution 3 TT version with heat barrier U = 0.78
    • High thermal insulation
    • Wide range of available coverings
    • Double leaf, side panel, transom window
    • Fitting of armoured glass
  • OIKOS iDoor

    The interior safety door

    Oikos iDoor

    Safety within the house with flush with wall and coplanar solutions and the preferred materials by interior design, in line with the best Italian style. iDoor can transform a common environment in a safety room or in a panic room. All this with break-in, acoustic and fire resistance performance.

    • EI 30 fire resistance
    • Acoustic insulation
    • Flush with wall or coplanar
    • Internal safety
    • Concealed hinges
  • OIKOS Synua Wall System

    The perfect harmony between door and wall

    Oikos Synua Wall System

    Synua Wall System exploits the perfect coplanarity of Oikos doors to create walls that share the same aesthetic design. SWS is composed by modular sectors coverable in different materials. This gives rise to scenographic wall systems both internally and in the exposure to the outside. A wall-door that combines the scenic and aesthetic effect with safety, elegance, protection, and Italian style.

    • Internal and external Synua Wall System
    • Available for Tekno, Synua, iDoor, Vela
    • Wall-door covering

    The safety door with concealed hinges

    Oikos Tekno

    Tekno is the Italian safety door with concealed hinges characterized by high-end performance and EI 90 fire resistance. Possibility of flush with internal wall, flush with external wall, flush with wall with plasterboard, internal coplanar with frame.

    • High standard supplied thermal insulation (U = 1.6)
    • Coverings with sectors
    • EI 90 fire resistance
    • Flush with wall
    • Concealed hinges

    The first sliding safety door

    Oikos Vela

    The sliding safety door Synua Vela joins the concept of safety with that of design and aesthetic value. Thanks to just its lateral space requirement it allows a saving of space. Ideal as partitioning door between environments of houses, jewelers' shops, pharmacies, stores, with a safety function.

    • Honorable Mention Compasso d'Oro ADI
    • Covering with vertical sectors
    • Motorized opening
    • The sliding front safety door
  • Synua

  • Synua Wall System

  • Tekno

  • Vela

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