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E8000 is designed to successfully meet any architectural or structural demand. Being designed on modern views on functionality, it ensures thermal and noise insulation.

It is a reliable and popular especially for the construction of big projects – shopping malls, airports, stations, etc. The system has a superior earthquake protection design and meets all modern structural and technological requirements.

E8000 unique feature is the cassette structure built on a traditional stick system. Thus, it allows top hung or parallel opening vents with the same outer appearance as the fixed cassettes. Internally in the cassettes, the system allows the usage of different types of materials while externally pphotovoltaic panels and sun protection systems can be harmonically incorporated with E8000.



Ε8000 offers:
• A wide variety of main profiles thus enabling an optimal choice of appropriate profile for each particular project
• A large variety for sashes with different shapes and functions
• The connection between the cassettes and the main structure is implemented by positioning locks, allowing dynamic load bearing
• Opening parts
• Possibility to use various types of materials in the cassettes – glazing, Etalbond (R), fibre-cement panels, HPL
• Possibility to use photovoltaic panels
• Special accessories – consoles for mounting of sun protection in front of the curtain wall
• Possibility to execute complex space constructions and roofs
• Increased drainage ability due to its design
• All necessary elements to ensure that the curtain wall can receive the CE marking

E8000 comes in three different external forms:

• Structural façade
• Semi structural façade
• Classical façade – four side cover caps

Indicative dimensions
System Type
Stick Façade System
External aesthetics 
Glass Wall (structural glazing), Aluminum glazing beads (Semi Structural glazing)

Interior visible width

Depth vertical mullions

Depth Horizontal Transoms

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