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Security Doors

ETEM offers a complete, ready to install, range of Doors for residential and commercial applications.

Combining functionality with aesthetics and protection against intrusion for main entrance security doors, ETEM offers a product range of main entrance Security Doors,

In every case, styling is essential and it always has to be in harmony with the environment it exists in. Every style of leaving can be satisfied with the numerous combinations of colors and external panels that are available from ETEM. Flush panels, pantographed panels, lacquered and wood panels as well as aluminum panels can be used with any ETEM security door to achieve the desired texture and feeling. ETEM security doors, above all, because they have to provide to the user security against unmated intrusion they are certified from accredited certification bodies to WK3 which signifies protection from a burglar that can use his body weight, simple tools like screwdrivers, pliers and hand axes to try to break into locked and bolted building components.

Other security benefits of ETEM doors, include double armored leaf, heavy duty adjustable hinges, 180 degrees door viewer, and “Defender” key cylinder protector, 14 or 18 locking points.

The product is categorized as follows:

• Security Doors (aluminum design) 
• Security Doors (Modern Designs with inox elements) 
• Security Doors (Modern Designs)  
• Security Doors (classic Designs) 







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