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Ε75 is an opening system specially designed and manufactured to meet the modern era Energy Conservation requirements in building construction.

Specially designed features such as internal insulating bars, multi chamber EPDM central gaskets and the specially designed 39mm polyamides give an excellent thermal insulation of Uf = 1,4 W/m2 and render E75 in compliance with the highest standards

The system offers a great variety of functional and aesthetic requirements and with wide range of profiles, the system classical straight line design options. E75’s basic dimensions are 75mm width sash and the combination of fixed frame and sash height from only 106mm.

E75 is a robust system designed to meet every window and door requirement in a building. With the width of aluminium varying from 1,6mm to 2,5mm, it is specially design for doors that can withstand heavy usage through time.



Ε75 offers:
• Reinforced profiles at load bearing points
• Elegant straight or curved line
• Reliable pivot mechanism
• Multiple locks, hinges adjustment and fast mounting
• Multiple variations of door finishing at floor level
• New elegant series with concealed sash
• Mechanism for smoke proof doors according to safety regulations
• Possibility of mounting anti-burglar hardware


• Side hung
• Tilt and turn
• Sliding-folding doors
• Parallel sliding

Indicative dimensions
Fixed Frame (min depth)

Sash Frame (min depth)

Min height - Combination Fixed Frame-sash

Glass thickness
6mm to 41mm

Max sash width(mm) X sash height(mm)

Sash width(mm) X Max sash height(mm)

Max sash weight (kgr)
Technical characteristics
1.5-3,8 W/(m2*K)

Water Tightness EN 12208
Air permeability EN 12207
Resistance to wind load EN12210

Sound reduction

Burglar resistance

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