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E55 Rolling Shutters

rolling shutter

ΕΤΕΜ Building Systems has expanded its range of systems adding the new rolling shutters system E-55.

E-55 system combines contemporary architecture with the need for convenient, aesthetically acceptable and affordable shading systems in both, residential and commercial applications enhanced with long lasting functionality and durability.
ETEM rolling shutters’ systems product range offer a wide range of dimensions in Box cases and slats that cover sizes from 145mm X 150mm (HxW) to 245mm X 250mm (HxW) for boxes and slats ranging from 26mm to 55,4mm (visible height).
It meets all the door and window needs of a house, with straight-line and curved boxes that can satisfy all possible aesthetic and structural demands. A full range of automations can be applied so ETEM Rolling Shutters can be programmed to respond to light, rain and wind parameters or even operate remotely through a telephone or internet command.



The E-55 system offers:
• aesthetics meeting all possible needs, depending the frame type
• same color between frame and roller shutter (especially white)
• noise-free function
• easy access to the inside of the box for repair purposes
• anti-theft protection as movement (upwards) is impossible from the outside
• certified and guaranteed motors
• capability of electrostatic painting in any RAL color, special wood-imitation painting, and surface processing - anodizing.

Indicative dimensions
Maximum roller shutter height (depending on the individual leave used)
up 2,40m

Maximum width
up 3,5m
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