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E61 Multibox

E61 Multi Box

Ε61 system is a patented versatile and multifunctional chamber, branded as ETEM MultiBox.

MultiBox patented design allows us to extend the existing frame, opening sliding system, in any direction, horizontally or vertically, with a thermally insulated chamber in which we can add a selection among a shading, security, or rolling shutters system.
MultiBox can also be used for other application in a building that require thermal insulation and have to be integrated with other systems. Such examples may be:

  • Lighting systems and lights.
  • Water Pipes
  • Tubing for heating and cooling.
  • Main entrance tv-monitor systems.
  • Mail box systems.



  • The versatile MultiBox is manufactured from thermally insulated profiles, providing high thermal insulation of the doors and windows.
  • An elastic diaphragm is placed along the versatile MultiBox and thus achieving improved sound insulation.
  • The multifunctional MultiBox can be installed together with the frame and as a result, the integrated system can be placed at a latter time within Multibox.
  • MultiBox is designed in such a way to offer quick and easy access inside, without requiring special tools.
  • MultiBox can also improve aesthetically and offer thermally insulate steel hollow sections that are often used for static support of large frames in a building.
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