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Ε19 is a sliding system that combines functionality with security, longevity and aesthetics, features that are all standard in ETEM’s Architectural systems.

The system design is a 32mm width sash with a wide range of decorative solutions and proposals for all types of constructions. E19 is a system with excellent certifications in its category, such as Water and Air Tightness, ergonomic design, contemporary appearance, straight forward assembly and effortless functionality all of which are combined in the most economical use of materials which at the end render an affordable frame with the best quality to price ratio.




Ε19 offers:
• Capability of constructing all different typologies in a straight-lined and curved form
• Financially acceptable solutions which can meet all structural demands
• Safe constructions combined with a perfect aesthetic result
• Ability to use 3-point licking system.
• Security, durability and effortless functionality in use
• Capability of powder painting in any RAL color, special woodgrain patterns and other surface processing methods - anodizing


• Two-sash, successive sliding frames, with or without a screen
• Three-sash and four-sash, successive sliding frames
• Three-sash, successive sliding frames
• One-sash, flush mount glass pane-shutter, with or without a screen

Indicative dimensions
Fixed Frame (min depth)

Min height of sash

Min Height of Rail

Glass thickness

Max sash width(mm) X sash height(mm)

Sash width(mm) X
Max sash height(mm)

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